Why Block-Structured AMR?

Block-structured AMR provides a way to exploit varying resolution requirements in space and time by focusing computational resources in spatiotemporal regions of interest. Note that there is no parent-child relationship between coarser grids and finer grids as the grid structure dynamically evolves over time.

Depicted above is a Kelvin-Helmholtz instability using 3 total levels of refinement demosntrating solution-adaptive mesh refinement.

Profiling Tools

AMReX-based application codes can be instrumented using AMReX-specific performance profiling tools that take into account the hierarchical nature of the mesh in most AMReX-based applications. These codes can be instrumented for varying levels of profiling detail.

Depicted above is a sample output of the ProfParser tool, a command line application that can create performance summaries, plotfiles showing point to point communication and timelines, HTML call trees, communication call statistics, function timing graphs, and other data products. Read more in the AMReX Documentation.