Developer Guidelines

The following developer guidelines apply to all code that is to be committed to the Pele suite.

Before adding files for a commit to be pushed to a branch of PelePhysics, first run the following formatting tools depending on the type of code:

C++ Code

All C++ code should be processed by the Clang formatter prior to being added for commit.

Run clang-format:

clang-format -i FILE.cpp
clang-format -i FILE.H

Will apply all of the correct formatting and make the changes directly to the cpp source files.


The tools necessary to format Python code (currently only used within CEPTR) are maintained through Poetry.

  1. Run isort:

    poetry run isort .

This will perform proper sorting of the installed Python libraries.

  1. Run black:

    poetry run black .

This will perform proper formatting of all Python files to be consistent with all current files.

  1. Run flake8:

    poetry run flake8 .

This will run diagnostics on all the Python files and will list a series of issues that need to be addressed to adhere to current Python best practices.

Once all flake8 messages have been addressed, the code will match the Pele suite standard.