PelePhysics is a repository of physics databases and implementation code for use within the other Pele codes. In particular, the choice of chemistry and transport models as well as associated functions and capabilities are managed in PelePhysics. PelePhysics has an official project homepage, and can be obtained via GitHub. The documentation pages appearing here are distributed with the code in the Docs/sphinx folder as “restructured text” files. The html is built automatically with certain pushes to the PelePhysics GibHub repository. A local version can also be built as follows

cd ${PELE_PHYSICS_DIR}/build
sphinx-build -M html ../Docs/sphinx .

where PELE_PHYSICS_DIR is the location of your clone of the PelePhysics repository. To view the local pages, point your web browser at the file ${PELE_PHYSICS_DIR}/build/html/index.html.


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