C8. Multi-species shock tube in a rotated channel with AMR

Case description

This case is a non-reacting multi-species shock tube problem that tests inviscid hydrodynamics and the handling of species in a domain with embedded boundaries. The geometry is a rectangular channel at \(30^\circ\) to the mesh. The left half of the channel is initialized with pure nitrogen while the right is initialized with helium. The pressure and density ratios are 0.1 and 0.125 respectively, similar to the Sod shock tube problem. This case is run with multiple levels of AMR. The figures shown below indicate mesh refinement at the embedded boundary, contact and shock discontinuities. The center-line density profile is compares well with data from literature.

AMR mesh indicating refinement at embedded boundary, contact and shock discontinuities


Field profiles in the centerline at t=0.2 L sqrt(rhoL/pL)